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Love Magazine has a habit of doing an advent calendar of "sexy" videos (they're the ones responsible for that abominable Kris Jenner video from last week), even though the internet is like 99% videos of girls fisting themselves or whatever it is you find "sexy." Their catch, though, is that they use famous people, very few of whom fist themselves on the internet.

That makes it all the more puzzling why Rita Ora was chosen for Saturday's video.

Would anything make you return to regular live streaming? If I’m not having fun, I stop and do something else, and if you’re streaming a game that’s just not an option.

Of course, people would tune in just to see me cursing and losing my temper but I wouldn’t enjoy it and that’s what’s important. Go check out the likes of Circonflexes, Pointy Haired Jedi and Quickybaby, on Youtube and Twitch!

Author’s Note: For those unaware, Gaijin Entertainment, the brains behind the popular World War II Sim, War Thunder, has been under much scrutiny lately after several high-profile allegations of censorship against criticisms of their game; these included articles, videos, and posts on their forums being removed.

So, you gave up live streaming a year ago, mainly down to the various online trolls and tiresome screen-peaking of those watching. I don’t have the stamina or mental fortitude to continue persevering cheerfully in the face of terrible teams and RNG that professional streamers do.Until they start treating the people who promote their game with significantly less contempt, Gaijin can take a long jump off a very short pier as far as I’m concerned.They way they handled the fiasco with Phly Daly was the last in a very long series of straws for me.Here she is doing the talent show scene: Pretty spot-on, and I personally appreciate the part at the end where she lifts up her skirt and flashes her butt. Here's an idea for a Christmas present: Someone buy Rita Ora an i Pod, or at least, like, a discman so mishaps like this don't happen again.Now, unless you’ve been firmly placed under a rock for the last couple years, you’ve probably not escaped the fact that games like World of Tanks, World of Warships and Gaijin’s War Thunder have had a somewhat meteoric rise in popularity and player-base; for example, World of Tanks now has a World Championship in a league with that of League of Legends, and even Counterstrike.

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